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About Us


Not many 20 year olds have a notion of building what would become one of the most successful fitness facilities in south Florida. However, I always had a passion for fitness so I decided to take a chance and run with it…


It was early 2007 and it was never my intention to start a gym. I was always searching for the next best exercise or style of training that could give me the best sweat around. I was researching and learning as much as I could and after doing some digging I came across a high-intensity style of training by Gym Jones which was used to get people in unreal shape, fast and in an exciting environment. 

There was a workout online that Gym Jones created that was 50 reps of 6 different movements as fast as you could get it done. So I grabbed a group of friends, a tire, sledgehammer, kettlebell and set up at Tropical Park under the bleachers; It absolutely crushed us all. It was the first time I ever threw up during a workout and I honestly felt like something was wrong with me. Instantly we were hooked and we returned to Tropical Park every Wednesday until the group was so big we got kicked out. 


With this new found passion for high intensity training, I ran with the momentum and took out a credit card that I then maxed out with $15,000 worth of equipment. Shortly thereafter, Intense Muscle Training (IMT) was born and opened its doors in May 2008 in a 1,200 sq. ft. warehouse, hidden in a small Kendall commercial area. 


Over the next 10 years we would outgrow space after space. Throughout those years we evolved into something bigger and greater than I could have ever imagined. We have seen numerous faces come into IMT and ultimately become family. There have been achievements within the sport of CrossFit such as making it to Regionals, local competition podiums, amazing weight loss transformations and overall growth as better human beings. We have watched not only our extended family achieve great accomplishments but our staff has evolved over the years and continued raising the bar as well. IMT has built a community of fitness enthusiasts who honestly are my extended family. We all come together to sweat, have fun, and push each other to be the best versions of ourselves on a daily basis. 


Earlier this year I wanted to give back to my IMT family, and that is when The Sweat Refinery was born. I believe fitness shouldn't be the same every day. The body needs change, the mind needs change and there are so many great ways to sweat. I wanted to build a fitness facility where you could take all the passion you have for fitness and do CrossFit one day, Bootcamp the next, and Yoga the day after that. Mixing it up with the best trainers and family all under one roof.


I would like to extend the passion I have for fitness and personally want to invite you to join our family and come sweat with us.



Michael Alfaro

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